Custom WordPress Theme Development


Why do you need a Custom WordPress theme? There are too many answers for the question. Let’s take a look at the most obvious ones.

A Custom WordPress Theme will be Faster

We supply only the needed CSS, JS and functionality in our custom WordPress themes so that the site is not loaded with unneeded code. Also optimising the code according to your needs we will ensure the site performs good in all situations with the maximum speed.

Custom WordPress themes are more Secure

We deliver best coding practices according to WordPress standards and make sure our code is secure at all levels. Also as the code is custom there is no way people can see the source and look for exploits. Secure code allows your site to be solid against attacks.

Unique site styling with Custom themes

Our team will ensure your preferred design come into life. Your site will be apart from flock and will show your business’ personality.

Better SEO results with Custom themes

Semantic code and use of right markup enhanced with micro-formats will ensure your site is Search Engine Friendly. Search Engines are software and when you supply them a site which they can parse easily it will increase your rankings faster.


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